What Is Is What You Want

What Is Is What You Want


When the concept falls away and there begins to be the direct revelation that every single thing that comes forth is directly arising out of the Beloved, there is the very clear seeing that you can always know what it is you want most, because it is always what is happening. And there is the falling away of any interest in what the story of "a future" might bring forth because it would ruin the surprise.

So if there is the appearance of fear or pain or busy mind, there is the revelation: It is the Self in drag. It is what you are seeking. It does not matter what it is. What begins to become the taste- not the concept, but the taste- is it is what you want. And to try to plan for what you think you want just messes everything up. And if that appears, there is the recognition that it is arising out of the Self. There is no owner. It is all grace. And you are completely empty just waiting to receive the grace, having absolutely no interest in what it might mean. Just the receiving is more than enough. 

And what is discovered is that what made the aspects that you hated seem so challenging had nothing to do with the offer. It had everything to do with the conditioning. And even the conditioning is ultimately revealed when it appears to be what you want. Because there is the very clear revelation that nothing was ever "mine" to begin with anyway. I am the receptacle. It is the master that is the creator.

On the one hand, there is no sense of wanting anything; and on the other hand, as soon as something appears there is the recognition: It is that that I want. And you always get what you want. The conditioned fear machine is built around safeguarding its perspective of the future. And all that this does is rob you of the grace of the offer. But when you are ready, you are going nowhere. The running is ended. You are no longer driven by conditioning habiting, running on a treadmill and going nowhere. You are empty, full of trust, open to receive. And then grace pours forth like monsoon rains.