Through the miraculous legacy of non-duality, Devaji guides all who come to him on a heart-opening journey of transformation and liberation.

About Devaji

"Where there was thought to be someone, it is revealed there is no one, and out of the heart of no one there is a personal falling in love with all of it. And that is the taste, the true nondual taste, because true love ends up devouring the dream and the dreamer."


Deva Surananda’s (Devaji) spiritual awakening was experienced through the direct transmission of his guru Sri Ramana Maharshi. This connection began with early visions of the great sage. With time, Ramana’s presence was felt almost continually, and eventually his transmission became internalized. The edges that had separated the student and teacher melted into the taste of pure Oneness.

With the ground of silence firmly rooted, the ecstatic love affair of the divine heart erupted as Sri Ramakrishna, the embodiment of pure devotion, merged with the stillness already established. Now the marriage of ecstasy and tranquility weave a tapestry of divine bliss. 

Ultimately, Devaji was guided to the holy mountain Arunachala in southern India, the sacred river Ganga, and then on to Mount Shasta in California where he now resides.

Devaji’s form currently serves as a vessel to spread the eternal flame of love. Through pure devotion and the legacy of non-duality, he guides all who come to him on a heart-opening journey of transformation and liberation.

For over fifteen years he has devoted his life to guiding those who are wholly committed towards freedom. From his open heart flow wisdom and guidance tailored specifically to each person. In the tradition of the Indian Masters, an open community has formed around him in Mount Shasta, a sangha dedicated to complete liberation.

"You and I are the same. 
What I have done is surely possible for all. 
You are the Self
now and can never be anything else.
Throw your worries to the wind,
turn within and find Peace."

-Sri Ramana Maharshi

Holy Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai, South India