"When the offering is to the Beloved then it is the Beloved that uses the body like a tool. And then the body does the deepest possible work: when you are still, when you are in contact with your nature - which is an offering - and not identified as a point of reference that is after something. Being in service to your Self, which is the Self."


A grace-filled part of opening to these beautiful teachings is in seva, our service to the receiving of satsang, which is none other than service to the Divine. As we serve in this offering, our own personal ripening is also nourished in the safety of the sangha’s container. Working in close connection with others devoted to the path of liberation is a rare gift and can offer an enormous support and guide in the application of these teachings to daily life. 

A variety of opportunities, some ongoing and some more short-term, are available locally as well as remotely from one’s home. If you feel a pull towards offering service, please contact our seva coordinator, Lakshman at

Listed below are all the departments within the organization that are managed by a team of volunteers.

Organization and Development

  • Overseeing the growth of the non-profit

  • Coordinating and managing with board of directors

  • Volunteer coordinating

Event & Retreat planning  

  • Scheduling calendar

  • Managing website and retreat registration

  • Coordinating with retreat venues

  • Communication within the sangha

  • Arranging and administering online attendance for retreats and satsangs (video conference)

  • Creating signs and displays for events

  • Arranging scholarships

  • Site coordinating

    • Space set up

    • Altar/Puja

    • Flower arrangements

    • Organizing seating arrangements

    • Maintaining and cleaning facilities

    • Meal preparation

    • Arranging carpools and parking

    • Energy clearing for space

    • Breaking down space

    • Miscellaneous


  • Setting up and running sound at events

  • Filming retreats

  • Video editing

  • Recording and managing audio recordings of satsangs

  • Transporting equipment to event sites

  • Maintaining and keeping equipment up-to- date

Marketing & Promotion

  • Social Media

  • Creating flyers and marketing materials for events

  • Flyer distribution

  • Newsletters

  • Maintaining mailing lists

  • Managing transcriptions of retreats

  • Community outreach

Bookkeeping & Accounting

All sorts of odd jobs turn up as Devaji’s student base grows and the organization develops. Examples of these kinds of jobs are:

  • Welcoming and orienting first-time retreat participants

  • Welcoming and orienting new members to the sangha

  • Purchasing supplies for retreats

  • Arranging housing for out-of- town retreat participants

  • Airport pickup for out-of- town retreat participants

  • Etc

There are ongoing needs within the sangha for people to offer seva, some short-term and others more ongoing.

If you have any questions, please contact Lakshman at

With gratitude,
In The Heart of Silence Sangha