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"When the devotion to Love becomes more important than 'me' , then the only thing devoured is the suffering. And you are let out of the cage."

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"The waves belong to the Ganges, not the Ganges to the waves."


All monologues and interactions are filmed at retreats with Devaji which are held primarily in the Mt Shasta area of Northern California, as well as in Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula and on the Big Island of Hawai'i. To see more videos of Devaji and the sangha, please visit our YouTube channel.

Happiness is What You Are

Ramana Maharshi & Ramakrishna

Receiving the Totality of What is Being Offered 

Your Nature is That Which is Aware and Boundless

The Nature of What is Unchanging is Called Stillness

True Non-Duality

A Doorway Into the Infinite Beauty 

The Magic Ingredient that Transforms Suffering 

Opening to the Vulnerability Beneath Anger

A Love Like No Other