True Love Does Not Run

True Love Does Not Run

In an effort to get away from what is perceived as discomfort, some individuals have the capacity to break free from the mind and to access a taste of great space.  When being released from the mind's turbulence happens through this type of a route, it seems that something is lost. Something is gained but something is lost. What is lost is a discovery that can only arise when there is the willingness to face what the ego is built to get away from. True love does not run. True love does not move. It receives absolutely everything exactly the same.

In the willingness to meet what arises there is the experience of enormous burning. This is why this particular path does not appeal to many. In my experience you cannot fully know the depth of who you are until there is the readiness to receive whatever is offered no matter what the ego's response is.

In the teachings of Taoism it states that the Tao (which is analogous to God ) is found in the darkness. It is through the closed door that the opportunity lives. In true surrender this wisdom brings up everything that you have not truly seen. In the beginning it can bring up great fear, it can bring up great intensity. And when this is met something burns away and in the burning you feel everything more deeply. Prior to this the ability to feel is not as great. Each time it happens the experience of feeling intensifies. The totality of everything is felt more and more because the numbing shell called the ego is burning away.

At a certain point it becomes so clear that this is the ripening. The sense of trust roots itself so firmly that the mind's fears become your invitation. When this occurs something that you were previously unable to see begins to reveal itself. Each time a wave passes, the taste of passion begins to flower. There begins to be a relationship of pure passion with everything that arises. And the love which is generating everything reveals itself in the willingness to receive the offer.

What ripens the soul is the readiness to receive and until every single thing is tasted as it is, there is ripening that is still waiting.  If the taste is not oozing with true passion something is still incomplete. This passion arises out of the taste of the love and the taste of the love arises out of the burning away of what has separated you from feeling, feeling everything, opening to everything, receiving everything, moving away from nothing. When this is rooted where is there to go?

Non-duality is the recognition of the divine that is equal in absolutely every single expression. When the mind's impulse to run no longer holds one ounce of sway for you then you are ready for self inquiry. Then you are ready to discover where all expression arises from. Then it is time to dive into your true Self.