A Roadmap Into Freeing Relationship With The Mind

A very important aspect of this journey is that of devotion, which lies in surrender and submission. This is what leads to the humbling of the ego which is the force that rips open the heart so that the depth of this beauty can be tasted. Without this humbling, this taste remains impossible. And this is an ongoing process in which we experience the ecstatic divine nature more intensely all the time.

And then there is the other, equally important leg of this journey into what is free. And this lies in vigilance, in one-pointedness. This is about the mind’s hunger to be free of mind, as opposed to the process of devotion which is the mind submitting itself.

Mind's nature is to wander. It is not the nature of your mind. It is the nature of mind. And then the story appears that the wandering is the issue. But that is its nature. And in truth this is no issue if the hunger to be free of mind has greater force than the mind’s driven habit to follow itself, to draw attention to itself. This is all that is required. This is what is called vigilance and one-pointedness.

What is frequently misunderstood about this, is that it is set up as a desire with some future goal in mind. And this is a trick which brings forth the experience over and over again of failure and the ongoing flavor of effort, and effort is mind. In true vigilance there is complete patience, because vigilance has nothing to do with desire. It has nothing to do with the future or with any mental agenda. It is what I call intention, as opposed to desire. It is open and soft and is never about somebody getting something.

It is not about defeating the mind’s roaming because roaming is what the mind does. Nor is it about beating the mind into submission. It has nothing to do with what the mind is doing. It is the gentle freeing of the habit of conscious awareness following mental story. Mental story is the movement away from. Vigilance is the gentle falling into. Falling into you as opposed to the movement away from.

So there is this patience, complete and total patience, with the  wandering nature of mind. When this patience is felt there is a love for this aspect of mind. Because love is infused in everything when the identification with mind as who I am is freed. And it is freed when effort is freed. And then there is persistence, patient and open persistence, an unending intention in the moment of freeing the habit of the movement away from yourself.

When the hunger for this overtakes the force of the habit, it is finished. There is no mystery about it.