Zoom Additional Info

Additional Instructions for Attending Online Events

Joining a meeting if you have a Zoom account:

  • Copy and paste the link provided in the email into your browser and you will be automatically redirected to the event Zoom meeting. 

  • Or open your Zoom application, enter your passwords, click on “Join a meeting”, and type in the Meeting ID. Once you have put this ID in, it is stored there. So the next time you want to join, just use the drop down arrow and click on the number.

By Phone: If you would like to call into the event, please use these international numbers and follow the prompts.

Please do not give the Zoom Meeting ID to friends. They can register for online attendance at any time before or during the event. They will immediately receive the Meeting ID in their confirmation email. Registration will stay open throughout the event.

If this is your first time using Zoom:  

Step 1: Click the Zoom link provided in the email. It will take you to the Zoom website to download the program. 

Step 2: You will be invited to install the Zoom program to your computer. It is free and safe to do so. (It may ask you to ‘join a meeting’ first before prompting you to download the program. If it takes you directly to Devaji's satsang, you may not need to download the program at all). Zoom now has a version available for Linux operating systems. It will take some time, so be sure and do this ahead of satsang.

Step 3: Once you've downloaded the program, then open your “downloads” folder and select “Zoom installer” to install the program to your computer. Follow the instructions it provides.

Step 4:  Once you have installed Zoom, select “Join a meeting” and enter the Meeting ID and your name. 

Step 5:  A new window will open into the meeting. Click on the microphone icon on the bottom left to mute your mic. When muted it will have a red line through it. (Especially important if you join before the Host does). If you prefer to not be seen by other participants, you can also click the video icon next to the mic icon on the bottom left to disable your camera.


  • When you enter the Zoom Meeting, please click on “settings” at the bottom of window and select “always mute microphone when joining a meeting” (the last line).  

  • Online Retreats: Devaji sometimes ends the meditation early. Please keep checking your screen to notice this. Dialogue with Devaji is not be available for online participants, however you may email questions to me and I will pass them on to him. He will do his best to address them during the retreat. It is best to send them as they occur and not wait until the end.

  • Saturday Online Satsangs: Devaji will open the floor for questions after beginning with a monologue. If you would like to ask a question, simply raise your hand and the Zoom technician will un-mute your mic. Be sure your camera icon does not have a red line through it/ that you can see yourself on the screen. If your hand is raised a while and Devaji does not call on you, then use the “Raise Hand” function. To use it, click on the participants icon in the bottom and center of the screen. You will see “raise hand” in blue at the bottom right of that box/list. Click on it and a notification will appear to Devaji. Use arrows beside the frame row to reveal more participants, or switch to gallery view. When you are speaking with Devaji and there is feedback please lower your computer's volume or use headphones. If you have wind chimes or other sounds that might interfere, please quiet them.

  • To ensure optimum sound, close all other programs on your computer once you're in Zoom.  Double check that your computer's volume register is turned all the way up (for most computers), and same with the volume on the Zoom screen.  If your internet connection is weak or variable and you can hook up to the router directly with an ethernet cable, that would give you the best possible signal. Headphones can sometimes provide better sound as well.

  • Please do not use the chat function. The Zoom technician at the event uses this function to communicate with a designated person watching from home to receive feedback on sound or video quality. When too many people start using this function, it crowds up the screen and can become quite distractive. Thank you for your understanding.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Wishing you blessings for a very beautiful and transformative event.


Bhakta Scholz
Online Retreat Administrator