Opening Into Darkness


Opening Into Darkness

This work really begins inside your own self, in the deep recesses, the places you feel uncomfortable looking at, the aspects of yourself the mind has a tendency to judge. This is where it all begins. The revelation that is waiting is that all that exists under the shell of ego is the light of God and nothing else. 

But the only way this can be discovered is if there is the willingness to look all the way in. And if this looking goes all the way through, what occurs is that this shell melts away. When this shell melts, you discover that there is no longer a separating wall, that everything is connected, that in essence it is all the same. 

You see the play of what is called darkness, and you realize, "I am That". You see the play of what is called light and you realize, "I am That". Neither is higher or lower, just the various expressions of the play of duality, some arising out of pain or fear, some arising out of love. But you no longer see yourself as the love and not the pain, the love and not the fear, for you are all of it and you take all of it in. In that you see no darkness, you see nothing to run from, you see nothing to fear. 

As the shell dissolves, you recognize that the truth of who you are is what has always been free, what cannot be knocked about, what is timeless. You witness this body being carried by love into every recess it was trained not to enter, only to discover God everywhere. 

You discover God in the form of an angry father, in the form of a rapist, in the form of a hungry child. You can taste the love even in those who cannot. You can taste it because you see it through eyes that are not closed, through eyes that are open to totality. This is the by-product of the willingness to embrace all that the mind sees as darkness.