Myth of Powerlessness

The Myth of Powerlessness

The journey of pure surrender is a movement into the core of your human fragility. At the root, every single human being has this inner belief structure that who I am is weak and powerless, and must defend itself from being overpowered in whatever particular ways it experienced being victimized as an infant. And out of that comes all of these protective mechanisms that are all constructed by thought complexes.

No matter what the protective belief mechanisms are, what is held in common in every ego construct at its root is a sense of powerlessness, a sense of weakness, a fear of being victimized, all derived from very early experiences in life.

If one is open there gradually comes the recognition that everything is set up to dismantle all protection and to discover the truth about yourself. Then there is the potential to welcome what in the past would have brought up a sense of great discomfort. Instead of the movement to get rid of turbulence or to control, which is the adaptive mental response, there is this willingness to forget about controlling, to forget about the mind’s movements, and to see what this sense of fragility and weakness really is.

And if one is serious, it will present itself over and over again, sometimes in very dramatic ways, sometimes in very subtle ways, all rooted in this attempt to shield you from an underlying fundamental belief that you are capable of being overpowered. But when surrender is true, this is the invitation in, instead of the mechanisms to deflect.

And the journey really takes everything, because the conditioning is so sophisticated. The resultant discovery is something that is beyond the mind’s capabilities but it is the answer to everything that has been searched for. It is the release of creating protection for someone who is never found. It is the dissolution of the myth of powerlessness and the falling in love with the Beloved that is the ultimate discovery. And the doorway is constantly being offered in multiple ways and behaviors throughout any typical day.

When the readiness is true, there is the hunger to actually move in opposition to everything conditioned, to open oneself to that sense of powerlessness, and to welcome whatever is happening, exploring what is really in there that can be overpowered.

What is really there? Until this exploration is ripe, you cannot fully know yourself, you cannot fully know the myth or recognize what has been at play, and you cannot completely embody what is vulnerable to absolutely nothing.

The ego, throughout a normal day, is always subtly positioning itself to be seen, to be heard, to be honored, to be recognized, to look strong, to look knowledgeable. And so the opportunity arises for it to get nothing that it is looking for. What will it do if it gets what it is trying to avoid? What will happen then?

And then just to open and to look inside, to see. It is in direct opposition to what has been conditioned. It is the use of the play and the use of mental conditioning to disassemble the mind. For the mind really is just a protective mechanism to get away from a fundamental belief in powerlessness.

When the habit of the control mechanisms are released, the frequent sense of threat that occurs in life is recognized and felt. And it becomes the doorway into true self discovery, into meeting what never has been met.

Every thought that revolves around me, with the exception of some functional thoughts, is generated from this. And then the issue becomes the doorway, surrender becomes the vehicle and the beauty begins to flower in everything. Trust begins to overpower every mental response and the sense of someone disappears into no one. The sense of powerlessness vanishes, not into a sense of power, because both polar opposites of powerlessness and power dissolve and there is just the taste of what is. This is the lover’s journey.

The key to such an inward journey does not lie in the stories that come up. It lies in constantly looking to find who or what the weak, vulnerable one is, in finding the essence to the victim; what is it that can be victimized or overpowered, what is it that is at the roots of the creation of all of it. When there is a grounding in this, the mind’s issues and fears become your passion, not your problem.