India 2019


Pilgrimage to India 2020

Open Satsangs - December 29 & 30, 2019
Retreat - December 31, 2019 to January 28, 2020

Every January, Devaji and the sangha travel to India to sit at the feet of Beloved Arunachala. The reverberations of this annual pilgrimage are felt continuously and invite the potential of a deeply rich and sacred transformation. You are lovingly invited to join this inner and outer journey into the One Heart.


"Thou dost root out the ego of those who meditate on Thee in the heart, O Arunachala!"  

-Sri Ramana Maharshi

Our journey begins at the foot of Ramana's Master, the holy hill Arunachala. More than just a small mountain, Arunachala is the living manifestation of the Hindu God Shiva. Its stirring presence pulls at the hearts of all those who long to be free. For many, it evokes the purest of devotion not felt in the life prior. 

Click above for a taste of the sights and sounds of the Center for Bhrathiya Dharmic and Cultural Studies.

Arunachala is at the epicenter of the town of Tiruvannamalai in the state of Tamil Nadu in Southern India. A group of sangha members will travel together on December 25th, 2019 from San Franscisco airport to Chennai (via Dubai) where a bus will be waiting to take us to Tiru. You are most welcome to join the traveling group or travel alone from your corner of the world and meet us there. The group will travel to the Center for Bhrathiya Dharmic and Cultural Studies, a quiet sanctuary which is located approximately 6 km from Ramanashramam, arriving on the morning of December 27th, 2019. The center provides lodging to suit all budgets. All rooms include three daily vegetarian meals as well as coffee/chai in the early morning. Lodging is available December 27th, 2019 through noon on January 29th, 2020.

Our time at Arunachala will begin with two open satsangs on Sunday, December 29th and Monday, December 30th at Ramana Towers in Tiruvannamalai. A month-long retreat at the Center for Bhrathiya Dharmic and Cultural Studies will then begin on December 31st, 2019 through January 28th, 2020. This retreat will consist of twice daily sessions each beginning with a silent meditation followed by satsang with Devaji where we will dive into the beauty of being-ness and rediscover our true nature as pure love.

You are most lovingly invited to join us on this sacred pilgrimage. 

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