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There is nothing to learn, nothing to change nothing to attain. In our deep meditations and open conversations, we can relax into pure being, without straining. Whether for a weekend intensive or a 10 day retreat, come back to the natural freedom of your truest heart, to your one abiding friend, Love. Based on the non-dual traditions founded by Sri Ramana Maharshi, our journey of self-discovery is simple and direct, and welcomes anyone who seeks gentle guidance towards grace.

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Retreat in Ireland

  • Tornant House Dunlavin, Co Wicklow W91R672 Ireland (map)
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This August, join Devaji for his first visit to beautiful and mystical Ireland for a deep dive into the immaculate beauty of the one heart. This ten-day retreat will include twice daily satsangs beginning with a short silent meditation followed by a talk from Devaji and dialogues with participants exploring the grace of self-inquiry, the passion of devotion, and the place where divinity and humanity meet. All are welcome to fall into their hearts over the course of our ten days together.

Public satsangs will be held in Dublin the evenings of August 6th & August 7th. You are lovingly invited to join us for these special events prior to the retreat.

*Please note that the location of this retreat has been changed from the Boghill Centre in County Clare, to a private home in County Wicklow. More information about the new location as well as options for camping on the land will become available soon.


Includes twice daily sessions, beginning with silent meditation followed by satsang:

Friday, August 9
Evening session: 7:30 pm

August 10 - 17
Morning session10:00 am
Evening session: 7:30 pm

Sunday, August 18
Morning session10:00 am

*Start times may change slightly. Any changes will be announced at the retreat.


Full Retreat: €585

Partial retreat options**:
€80 euros per day
€45 euros session
€45 euros session

**You are welcome to register for a partial retreat if you plan to attend by day three.

Camping and Bell Tent Rentals
Available August 9 to 18, 2019

All Camping and Bell Tents include three daily organic vegetarian meals.

  • Bell Tent - Information coming soon

  • Camping - Information coming soon

Camping and Bell Tent Cancellation Policy - Information coming soon

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  • For information about the area, traveling to Ireland, and suggestions on what to bring, please click here.

  • For general information, contact Ajeet at

  • For questions about housing, contact Prema at

  • Please make your full donation for the retreat at the time of registration. 

  • You are welcome to register for a partial retreat if you plan to attend by day 3 of a 7-day, by day 5 of a 2-week, by day 10 of a 3-week retreat, or by day 4 for an interactive online retreat . 


All events are audio recorded and often video taped. 

It is assumed by your presence in the room that we have your permission to use your voice in our internet postings. 

It is also assumed we have your permission to use any video or still images recorded during your interaction with Devaji. If you do not want your image to appear on the internet you need to notify the video operator each time. The camera will be moved so your image is not recorded. 

In The Heart of Silence is a 501(c)(3) non-profit shurch and as such, donations may be tax deductible.