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There is nothing to learn, nothing to change nothing to attain. In our deep meditations and open conversations, we can relax into pure being, without straining. Whether for a weekend intensive or a 10 day retreat, come back to the natural freedom of your truest heart, to your one abiding friend, Love. Based on the non-dual traditions founded by Sri Ramana Maharshi, our journey of self-discovery is simple and direct, and welcomes anyone who seeks gentle guidance towards grace.

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Open Satsang in Tiruvannamalai, India

  • Ramana Towers 10/J/1 Chengam Road, 4th Street,Opp. to Ramanashramam Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu 606603 India (map)
Satsang is an extension of the unseen hand towards what is ready to step out of the dream.
— Devaji

Open Satsang Monday, December 30th, 2019 at 11 am. 

We will begin with a short meditation followed by dialogues with participants exploring self-inquiry, devotion, and where divinity and humanity meet. The heart of Devaji's offering, is to be a force of truth in the lives of those really committed to awakening, in a hands-on way, where the personal relationship and smaller group arena is the framework for where the spiritual rubber meets the road.

To honor the stillness, please arrive early and plan to stay for the entire satsang. Donations welcome. All are welcome.

A month-long retreat will follow at the Center for Bhrathiya Dharmic and Cultural Studies (formerly Suddhananda Ashram) beginning December 31, 2019 through January 28, 2020. 
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