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There is nothing to learn, nothing to change nothing to attain. In our deep meditations and open conversations, we can relax into pure being, without straining. Whether for a weekend intensive or a 10 day retreat, come back to the natural freedom of your truest heart, to your one abiding friend, Love. Based on the non-dual traditions founded by Sri Ramana Maharshi, our journey of self-discovery is simple and direct, and welcomes anyone who seeks gentle guidance towards grace.

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Interactive Online Retreat with Devaji

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Join us for a five-day interactive online exploration of the beauty of self-inquiry, the passion of devotion, and the place where divinity and humanity meet. This retreat will offer twice-daily satsangs via the video conferencing platform, Zoom, and offers an invitation to sit in retreat with Devaji and receive gentle guidance from the privacy of your home. This the first full multi-day online retreat Devaji has offered and is sure to be a richly transformative and deeply nourishing adventure.


Satsangs begin with a monologue from Devaji followed by dialogues with participants. You are invited to meditate for however long is comfortable for you prior to satsang.

Morning satsang: 11 am PDT**
Evening satsang: 5:30 pm PDT

*Start times may change slightly.
**Pacific Daylight Time


Full Online Retreat: $200

Partial retreat options:
$40 per day
$20 morning session
$20 evening session



There are still a few spaces available for this retreat. Please contact Diana at to register.

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  • For more information, please contact Diana at

  • For questions about using Zoom, please contact Bhakta at

  • To download and learn more about Zoom, please click here.

  • This retreat is limited to 49 screens/computers. You are welcome and encouraged to get together with other participants to share a screen if possible. All participants are still asked to register even if sharing.

  • Donations for tuition are accepted by credit card via PayPal.

  • Please make your full donation for the retreat at the time of registration. 


All events are audio recorded. It is assumed by your presence that we have your permission to use your voice in our internet postings. 

In The Heart of Silence is a 501(c)(3) non-profit church and as such, donations may be tax deductible.

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