As Divinity Meets Humanity

As Divinity Meets Humanity

The experience of being separate arises out of a shell of protection that is formed to numb the feeling of very young pain. This shell doesn't just numb the pain, it also numbs the feeling of connection with everything.

When the shell is in place one does not feel the subtler levels of the pain of going against yourself or recognize that every single action that arises out of "have to, should, need to" is arising out of the mind’s fear. These subtler elements go unnoticed and things become so automatic. Life becomes a very familiar sense of who I am, and what I like, and what I don’t like. 

When one is willing to really receive what is being offered, to open to every single form of stimulation that is arising, to slow down enough to stop the automatic running and receive, then the numbing mechanism, the wall, the ego begins to thin.

And as it thins, one becomes much more sensitive, feeling things more acutely, feeling the love and the perfection and the beauty. Feeling the pain that created the shell as it now melts away.  Feeling the innocence of humanity and at the same time the birthing of your own divinity. Feeling the fragile nature of the human condition inside your own being all the way through with such unspeakable tenderness, so big it can break you apart. And at the very same time, the breaking apart opens the gateway into the deeper sensitivity of connecting with your eternal divine nature.

A true journey like this takes everything and offers everything. When these beautiful, tender, broken nuggets that have been buried deep inside yourself are felt into all the way,  the heart is broken wide open and the sensitivity of who you are is connected into the Totality of what is driving everything.

And all that has been buried inside, which caused the perception of me and other, now is transformed and can invite all expressions of life into itself. The tenderness, the meeting, the fragility, the beauty, the vulnerability of the human condition does not stop, it grows. And the taste of what is vulnerable to nothing grows, what is free of everything, what is wildly ecstatic and alive and unbounded. The more you feel into the human element, the more the heart of God reveals itself.

Ultimately, one becomes a prostration to all of it. What was once known is left knowing nothing. What was once firm becomes so soft it becomes almost unrecognizable. What was once you becomes something that cannot be defined. But it knows one thing, it knows love for everything as its own self.