Allowing Life to Run On its Own

Allowing Life To Run On Its Own

In this deepening into a trust in everything, the habitual condition of attempting to control life for 'me' begins to unravel. What begins to blossom is an internal relationship with this Beauty that was never possible for 'someone doing something'.

Eventually what occurs is the simple allowance of life to run on its own. Letting things take care of themselves.

When life is allowed to run on its own, what begins to occur at first is an almost constant arising of protective mental reactions, because the control mechanism is turned off and what is dismantling the conditioning is working constantly.  Letting your vital attention be on watching this conditioned mental reaction arising as opposed to feeding it by following its demands.  And then the outcome is the dismantling of the conditioned armoring which created the sense of me and other.

As this process starts what begins to be recognized is the most loving act you ever did as a person had some subtle return for the experience of the separate one. For when movement has no return for that one, then what is revealed is that the other is not another, but it is Myself.

Not that I can feel you, not that I can feel your pain, not that I can feel your joy, but that it is Myself. Then the offering of love is pure and its taste is something that can not be compared to anything that has ever been known. And the offering is to Myself.

And this exploding heart begins having a gravitational force. The Satguru comes alive within you and begins enveloping everything that appears. This force shifts from inside my body to the center of everything being perceived. Then the taste of the heart begins enveloping the mind  and purifying everything and it lives in the center of my entire perceptive awareness, inclusive of everything.

And everything perceived is perceived as Myself. And every movement is the movement of pure love. And every action when the taste is like this, is an act of divinity that continues to spread light unto my own heart , which is every single thing.

It becomes impossible to identify a 'me' wrapped around anything in particular. But this Beauty, this divine Beauty is in the center of all of it. This becomes the ground....... not that it ever was not the ground, it's just that the habit of taking care of 'me' shielded the possibility of discovering what has been eternally in place and waiting.

The beauty is that it happens all on its own. All that is needed is the desire to not follow the conditioned mind and to allow life to move without your involvement. And to turn your involvement  toward the conditioned reactions without following their demands. This is all it takes. It is not mysterious.

You know it is such an amazing revelation. We spend our entire lives where everything is around “me”. As soon as something happens where there is the true experience of something that is more important than this 'me', immediately there is the taste of such incredible joy. One could never imagine.

When Love has unraveled the story thoroughly, there is the recognition that it is only about That. Whether That is a person in front of you, or That is a forest or That is not described as any particular thing.

But as soon as that happens, then whatever That is, it is revealed to be Me. And the box of the body that had contained the 'me' experience is blown apart.