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There is nothing to learn, nothing to change nothing to attain. In our deep meditations and open conversations, we can relax into pure being, without straining. Whether for a weekend intensive or a 10 day retreat, come back to the natural freedom of your truest heart, to your one abiding friend, Love. Based on the non-dual traditions founded by Sri Ramana Maharshi, our journey of self-discovery is simple and direct, and welcomes anyone who seeks gentle guidance towards grace.

Retreat at the Ganga in Rishikesh, India

  • Anand Lok Retreat Center Village Sirasu, PO Mala, 22 Kilometers ahead of Rishkesh, towards Badrinath, across river Ganges Uttarakhand India

Come to the sacred Ganga River in Northern India to sink ever deeper into your true heart. Anand Lok is a remote, serene retreat center 28 km (17 mi) from Rishikesh at the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains. What grace to have this opportunity to stop and gather with other lovers of Truth. 



Includes twice daily sessions, beginning with silent meditation followed by satsang

Morning session: 10am
Afternoon session: Begins 1.5 hrs after morning session ends, usually around 2:30pm


Full Retreat*: TBD

*Partial attendance is not available for this retreat



Registration Coming Soon

Housing at Anand Lok

More information will be posted soon regarding housing at the retreat center. All lodging will include three daily vegetarian meals.

In The Heart of Silence is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and as such, donations may be tax deductible.